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Does Facebook Really Work for Businesses?

by Social Media Marketing For Profit
  You might be wondering if Facebook is really a workable platform for business owners these days. Many business people believe that Facebook is really more of a place for old high school buddies and long-lost co-workers to get together and chat about what they are doing these days. The truth is that Facebook CAN be a place to build your business while also building rapport with prospects and clients. So, how do you know if Facebook will work for you? –>>Is your niche a BTB (business-to-business) or BTC (business-to-consumer) setup? This is a very important point to understand. If […]

Why your business should still use email newsletters

by Social Media Marketing For Profit
Do you need an email newsletter? This is one of the most asked questions by businesses today that often might think email is an ‘old’ technology, with blogs, social media and mobile marketing taking up most of the headlines. Fortunately, this is not the case. Having a customer list that you can email a newsletter to on a regular basis keeps your company name and brand in the customer’s mind and provides him/her with valuable and useful information related to your business. Since many companies do not use this type of marketing, you will easily stand out in the crowd. […]

Building a List with LinkedIn

by Social Media Marketing For Profit
Using LinkedIn to build your mailing list can be a huge windfall when it comes to making valuable business connections. Remember that business people are consumers too, so you can really catapult your business by building a list using LinkedIn. Here are some great ideas for building a LinkedIn list: –>> Join the maximum of 50 groups and contribute unique, quality content often. Send people to your website to read your content and have a sign up form for your mailing list. –>> Join to get more connections in your LinkedIn account. –>> Host events on LinkedIn, such as […]